How We Do

How We Do

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Unraveling Homo sapiens!
Absurdist sketch dramedy meets theatrical short; think David Ives’ “All in the Timing.” EXPLICIT.
Each B&W episode 2-3 sketches.
(Proof-of-concept: 30 min TV live-to-tape)
This (Episode 2) presents:
1) “Gennius Bar”: 3 actors each play 3 characters colliding with 3 themes: 1) things don’t work 2) too many choices 3) shift the blame.
Like the pilot’s “Assumption Cafe,” our signature sketch form is a fast-pivoting whirlwind for actors and viewers alike.

2) “Seal Show”: A family outing to the zoo. A rogue sea lion fatally rips out its trainer’s throat. A little girl loses her ball-ball. Which story will the TV reporter follow? Cormorant-tipping with drones; a reporter outed on live TV by a Jamaican wet-nurse. Evan Hansen is spotted at the zoo and everything in the world sucks. The End.
(It was consensual.)

Directed by Pete Macnamara (USA)

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