The Real Group Makeover

The Real Group Makeover

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In “The Real Group Makeover” by Carl Eneroth we follow the transformation of a Swedish acapella group – The Real Group – into a new constellation with five new members.

Founded back in 1984 The Real Group has performed more than 2,800 concerts worldwide and released more than 20 albums. In December 2021, two of the original members, Katarina Henryson and Anders Edenroth, made their final performance at Södra Teatern in Stockholm and handed over their legacy to five new members. This is the story of that unique transition. The Real Group Makeover.

We get behind the scenes from their first performance to their first large concert at Södra Teatern in Stockholm, where The Real Group made their first appearance 38 years earlier. A documentary about the heart, intimacy and trust required for a capella singing, and a celebration of the co-creation skills much needed in an increasingly polarised world.

Directed by Carl Eneroth (Sweden)

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