Scared To Death

Scared To Death

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Scared To Death is set in 2020 at the start of a pandemic. The psychological thriller/horror follows John Doe, a doomsday prepper. As death rates are starting to rise, John frantically gathers his belongings to rush to his bunker. Before leaving, he returns to grab his lucky charm. On reaching the car he fumbles and drops his mobile phone down a drain. More distraught than ever he rushes to his hidden bunker to lock himself away from the world outside.

In the first weeks, everything goes smoothly until John loses all connection with the outside world when his radio cuts out halfway through listening to an important news announcement. He battles with fear of whether not he should stay or leave. Too afraid of the outside world, he decides to stay in the bunker, locked away in safety.

As time slowly goes by, John deteriorates into insanity. Water and food is running out and he has a harsh realisation that he will die if he doesn’t leave. His only chance of surviving is to take the risk of the virus outside. John breaks out of the bunker with the sunlight blinding him. He reaches a road and drops his lucky charm, distracting him from the oncoming car.

Directed by Flame Brewer (UK)

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