Jenseits der Stille

Jenseits der Stille

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Hanyu and her 5-year-old brother come to Beijing to seek better medical treatment. They live with dad and mom in a ten-square meter rental housing in the suburb area. Selling boxed meals to the nearby builders is the family’s only source of finance. Since they need to use this money to cover the treatment expenses, they would never squander it. The rehabilitation prospects following the surgery do not look good. Hanyu’ s characteristic has experienced a big shift, which worried her parents most. Subsequent auditory treatment and rehabilitation disrupt every aspect of the family’s daily life. Stay in the city or go back to their hometown is unknown for the family.

More than four million families in China are affected by children’s hearing issues. I hope I can help raise awareness about these cochlear babies, and help them walk out of the world of silence.

Directed by Zhanran Chen (China)

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