All Jokes Aside!

All Jokes Aside!

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This comedy film short ‘Ashes to ashes’ opens with a young man named Scott who is seated in a family room and is waiting to speak to a man, Matthew. For Scott, it is not the curfew his girlfriend Sophia has that’s the issue. It is passing the interview with her dad Matthew who is a tough Detective that has eleven (11) other children that is the true barrier.”

Backstory: Scott is Sophia’s college friend that desires to take her on a nighttime date. However, Sophia lives at home with her brothers and sisters, and the household has certain firm parental rules especially during the school year. Sophia’s mom had advised Scott that her Sophia has a curfew. As important to following the curfew is the fact that if Scott really is serious about Sophia he would need to meet and discuss the matter with Sophia’s father, Matthew. Scott and his friends already know that Matthew is a tough giant who is a detective in New York. Unbeknownst to all, Matthew had already secretly completed a full background investigation and made his inquiries about Scott, so nothing that Scott can actually tell him that he does not already know. The only thing for Matthew left to ascertain and be certain of is that Scott is respectful, and that the probability of his daughter to be happy are higher than average. Sophia is only one of Matthews twelve children. Needless to say, Matthew is a professional investigator and interrogator especially when dealing with one of his children’s’ first-time loves. He is a tough guy from the neighborhood, and this is not his ‘first rodeo’ with would-be boyfriends.

Directed by George Zouvelos (USA)

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