Take Me to the Sea Across the Grasslands

Take Me to the Sea Across the Grasslands

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Fei Fei unknowingly took on a huge debt for her parents and was unable to repay it. Private loan is tightening and they can’t continue to borrow any money. The father was obsessed with the lottery but never won, their only takeaway store which makes ends meet was shut down, and the loan sharks threaten them with force, so the desperate family decided to commit suicide. Before committing suicide, Fei Fei left a suicide note online, which attracted the attention of netizens, who saved them with their help. Fei Fei’s followers also skyrocketed, and her online posts before the debt was discovered.

After recovery, Fei Fei promised to be optimistic and work hard to pay the debt, but she didn’t expect the a massive online abuse is like a storm coming her way. They were misunderstood as cheaters. The mother turned to her brother for help with no result, and the landlord urged them to move out. All the pressure and disdain leaving them in despair once again. The family drives to the beach and plan to kill themselves again. This time, they are going straight to Fei Fei’s favourite seaside across the grasslands.

Directed by Huibo Bai (China)

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