Buddhist Allegory

Buddhist Allegory

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Buddhas are all things, all things are Buddhas, and when people realize the Buddha’s intention, they will turn into Buddhas. Buddha is perception. A person or god who can perceive can realize the truth of life in the universe and the truth of all things (dharma ).Not only does he realize himself, but he also helps us sentient beings who are in confusion. He teaches us by chance, guides us, rescues us, and allows us to realize enlightenment (abandoning evil and pursuing good, breaking delusions to enlightenment, breaking delusions and realizing truth) ) to obtain the liberation of wisdom.The Buddhist Allegory starts from different perspectives to awaken people (awareness). The three perspectives are Fo Zao Xiang, Fo Suo Yu, and Fo Huan Yu.

Part 1 Fo Zao Xiang: Buddhas are also called Buddha statues, which are created by people who feel the Buddha.The two identical statues, back to back and invisible to each other, invisible but touchable, can be imaged through the screen in front of them.The screen is fixed, and the two Buddhas rotate and shift their positions at the bottom. In the continuous cycle of reincarnation, it is difficult to tell whether they are themselves or others in the mirror, nor distinguish between reality and illusion.
In the latter part of the work, the Buddha statue on the screen is a directional alienation instead of a real presentation.The illusion is no longer a simple self-image of the Buddha statue, but the awakening of the illusion’s self-awareness and the beginning of changing the physical trajectory as the main body. With the movement and rotation of the physical Buddha statue, the camera just moved to the position of the physical Buddha’s sky eye (one of the five eyes in Buddhism, can see through the six realms, far and near, up and down, front and back, inside and outside, and the future)which indicates that the sky eye has been opened and the future is in the visual expansion and infinity. At the same time, the image on the screen also opens its eyes, and the sound of the heartbeat is gradually heard. The illusion creates its own life and extension in the continuous attempt.
The Buddha said: “Everything is an illusion”, and when it is difficult to distinguish the self from the body, and the illusion can also come true, we will see the infinite possibilities of the future. Buddha is the creation of man, and man is the origin of Buddha. When man is creating the real world, there is an infinite metaverse that can be reconstructed and formed. On the one hand, it expresses the emphasis on the visual world, on the other hand, it highlights the prospect of the potential virtual world.

Part 2 Fo Suo Yu: Sitting, lying, standing and walking are all practices, from which one can realize the realm of Zen. A flower has a world of flowers, a leaf has wisdom of a leaf, and the cycle of seasons is the law of nature. Get rid of the obsession in your heart and follow nature. The way to be happy is to be at ease in the present moment. A mottled Buddha statue,which seems to have come from ancient times, with earphones with a sense of age, as if traveling through time and space, we can’t tell which is this life and which is the afterlife. The third eye of the Buddha statue in the work has been opened (actually the third eye is a camera),
People say: Buddha can open the eyes of the sky and foresee the future. What this Buddha sees is contemporary people. By wearing earphones (the earphones emit the same sound as the Buddha) and watching the screen (The content displayed on the screen is captured by the camera.), it seems that they share the same language and vision with the Buddha. With a body with a long history, the Buddha is based on the present and has insight into the future. This Buddha is the Buddha of the past, and what this Buddha foresees is the future. In the concept of time, the past, the present and the future are a chaotic whole,with a cycle going on and on, and difficult to distinguish.
Time and space are indistinct,and things are like a speck of dust in the huge universe. Therefore, we need to treat our surroundings with a broad and inclusive mindset, to stabilize ourselves, and to achieve the unity of heaven and human beings. The past, present, and future are boundless at first. Human beings keep memories of the past, and long for prophets in the future. Humans and Buddhas appear in the same field, time and space are condensed in the present, and the domain is infinite.

Part 3 Fo Huan Yu: A huge inflatable plastic bag wraps the entire body of the Buddha , which breathes continuously. According to some scientific evidence, since the inhaled gas is more than the exhaled, the plastic bag will become smaller and smaller until it is all absorbed on face.As a result, the breathing becomes more and more rapid. At the same time, several Buddha statues will experience the same. Collective unconscious cluttered sounds gradually transformed into the same-frequency resonance to make the most powerful call, and finally the breathing sounds gradually disappeared.
In the past few years when the coronavirus is raging, the virus has gradually shifted from being sporadic, local, and few at the beginning to being multi-faceted and large in number. It is becoming more and more precious for humans to be able to breathe, or breathe healthily. Paying attention to the individual and listening to the voice of the group enables us to manage situation well in the early stages , take preventive measures , pay attention to the community of life and the common destiny of mankind.

Directed by Zhi Hua (China)

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