Free and Easy Wandering

Free and Easy Wandering

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“Free and Easy Wandering” is the opening chapter of Zhuangzi, the masterpiece of Chinese philosophy. The story is about a huge fish called Kun, who lives in the darkest northern sea and rises up 90,000 miles and becomes a gigantic roc bird to fly to the heavenly pond in the south. This story is often used to describe people’s unrestrained state of mind. In everyone’s heart there is a Kun, and they can turn into a roc-bird eventually by constantly swimming upstream and constantly self-aware.

This animation is a prequel of the original story. I don’t know what exactly the “transformation of Kun and Peng” looks like in Zhuangzi’s eyes, but this is a version of my imagination.

There is a little black fish in the film, and it is the only one that witnessed the transformation of the little red fish from Kun to Peng. At the end, the little black fish looks at the sunset for a long, long time, and nobody knows what it is thinking.

Directed by Jiawei Li (USA)

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