The Year of the Tiger: Fantastic Flesh 2.0

The Year of the Tiger: Fantastic Flesh 2.0

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Death before “BIRTH“.
Walking on the way of death,
towards the next is “BIRTH”,
this is called reincarnation.
Everything is reincarnated.
The horoscope determines the fate;
wheel of fortune;
aura of time.
No one knows what is the world after birth,
and it may also be birth in the “doomsday”.

Future’s Taipei Arena.
Humans have long been forbidden to gather and become ruins,
the music scene belongs to some kind of legend of the last century.
Taipei Arena has become the verification of a certain civilization.
Inside stands a “archway of the Tiger Lord “.
There is a sign of a flesh god on the top of the temple,
The god guarding the temple,
the black tiger general and the meaning of the symbol of this archway:

Drive away the pain, exorcism and blessings.

Directed by Feng Chien-Chang (Taiwan)

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