we are an image from the future

We are an Image from the Future

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When we think of Berlin, we think of freedom, we think of club culture.
It is part of the DNA of the German capital, and yet it must repeatedly defy societal opposition in order to persist. Breaking with conventions, social norms and in the tension of contradictions, club culture reinvents itself again and again. Clubs become laboratories for social experimentation. But almost two years ago, the pandemic cut off their power, and to this day an entire scene is fighting for its survival. « we are an image from the future » is a loud, raw collage that gives an unvarnished insight into the aesthetics and social power of a progressive DIY culture that attracts people from all over the world. With a sensitive look behind the scenes during the summer of 2021, we meet unheard and unique personalities shaping Berlin’s underground club scene and learn about new forms of artistic practice, reflections and visions for the future that the current pandemic has called for.

Directed by Jascha Müller-Guthof (Germany)

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