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Between jobs, 26 year old Ryan has gone above and beyond preparing the perfect weekend away to pop the big question to his girlfriend Chloe. Despite an unsuccessful job interview, he’s pleased with himself having booked a log cabin just just for the two of them, equipped with a woodfire oven which he plans to make use of for the occasion.

Having set up the place and awaiting Chloe’s arrival, Ryan rehearses a few lines for the big moment before beginning to prep dinner. Headphones on and with spirits high, Ryan is determined on impressing Chloe, an up and coming lawyer who has grown tired of his inaction.

Ryan’s grand plan is shattered when a mystery hand taps him on the shoulder causing him to react in an act of violence completely out of character. Ryan was under the impression that he had booked an entire place, but he had in fact only booked a private room. Swiss backpacker Jonas had only been trying to say hello when Ryan hit him over the head with a frypan, accidentally killing him.

In a desperate effort to salvage the most important moment of his life, Ryan chooses to try and cover it up, disposing of Jonas’ body in a nearby forest.

Despite overwhelming guilt, Ryan attempts to press on with the proposal sitting down for a romantic dinner with the love of his life. However, Ryan’s big moment is abruptly interrupted by Jonas’ Italian girlfriend Anna who has spent the day out. She checks their bedroom to find that Jonas isn’t there, along with all of their belongings. Ryan sits frozen in shock as Chloe and Anna exchange niceties and try to determine where Jonas could be, his world closing in.

Directed by Matt Maule and Tom Stephens (Australia)

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