All City's a Stage

All City’s a Stage

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All City’s A Stage is an episodic web series produced and directed by Grant Hao-Wei Lin, featuring one performing artist each episode. All City’s A Stage is a mix of documentary, vlog, theatrical arts and poetic interpretation of the artist’s physical and metaphysical journey on their road to their dreams. Weaving the formal, the mental, and the physical into the fabric of reality, the series explores the sweet, the sour, the disturbing and the electrifying moments that we, as artists, performers and audience, can all relate to and embody at any given point of our journey. As humans are not linear beings, the story of these performing artists should not be told linearly. This series invites the audience to join in on the inner minds of these underrepresented artists from the lens of the director’s perspective.

Directed by Grant Hao-Wei Lin (USA)

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