2022/2023 Annual Awards: Nominees

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All Nominated Films (A-O): 2022/2023 Annual Awards

All Nominated Films (P-Z): 2022/2023 Annual Awards

Best Indie Short

11.02.2020.MPLS.MN by Haohao Yan (USA)

Mother in the Mist by Kay Niuyue Zhang (USA)

Tecata by Mario Theodosio Gallegos (USA)

Best Drama Short

Prepare for Launch by Vince Williams (USA)

The Crossing by Tomas Simonsen (Norway)

Trust by Diane Lansing (USA)

Best Student Short

Breathless by Wayne Yu (China)

Enclosed by Yi Yang (USA)

Like Cloud by Chengyang Xie (China)

Best Documentary Short

Clean Mountains by Geertjan Lassche (Netherlands)

Ocean Mother by Miko Lim (USA)

The Last Hunter by Ziling Chen (China)

Best Comedy Short

Gary by Doug Cox (USA)

Mammas by Carine Hazan (France)

Queer Fish in God’s Waiting Room by Adrian Pasdar (USA)

Best Romantic Comedy Short

Holy Sh!t by Jacob Meszaros (USA)

Loves Me, Loves Me Not by Bret Koehler (USA)

The Blow Out Day by Rebecca Engen Isaksen (Norway)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Call It A Front by Ricky Staffieri and Ben Fout (USA)

The Meditater by Justin Giegerich (USA)

Truck Fishing in America by Shelley Delaney (USA)

Best Crime Short

Purple Case by David Sarian and Kostya Yezagelian (USA)

The Case by Patrick House (USA)

The Deep End by Jack Fessenden (USA)

Best Film Noir Short

Hot Take by Arthur Glover (USA)

Judas by the Sea by Wiggle Ng (China)

We Are by Gregory Sankara (France)

Best Mystery Short

Feuerkreis by Jasper Graeve (Germany)

Phantom Pain by Henry James (USA)

The Everlast by Robert Flowers (USA)

Best Thriller Short

Familial by Catherine Schetina (USA)

The Prey by Thibault Lafargue and Romain Lafargue (France)

The Turn Ahead by Jessin Joy (India)

Best Horror Short

Fog of War by Steven Lundgren (USA)

I Miss Us by Roth Rind (USA)

The Tongue by Jose Vicente Chavez (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short

Callisto’s End by Nathan Schiele (USA)

Demiurg by Adam Nowak (Poland)

Void by Jonathan E Munoz (USA)

Best Fantasy Short

Mountain by Yuwei Du (China)

Ratavoloira by Giulio Maria Cavallini (Italy)

War Games by Donald Mertens and Foulques Couvreur (Belgium)

Best Animation Short

Giselle by Emmanuel Shiu (USA)

Sina ma Tinirau by Vilsoni Tausie Hereniko (USA)

Vesak by Ina Chen (China)

Best Children Short

An Island Drifts by Vivian Ip (USA)

Bellyful by Alison Yardley (USA)

Bright Like The Sun by Thida Nathalie (UK)

Best Women Short

Fault Line by Lauren Himmelvo (USA)

I Have Dreamed Carthage by Cyril Nehmé (France)

The Song of the Whale by Aspa Siokou (Greece)

Best LGBTQ Short

Cord of Three by Sophia Kindt (Germany)

Impetus by Benjamin Knoebl (Austria)

Thomas by Adriano Falconi (USA)

Best Microfilm

Booksmart by Côme Ferré (France)

The Last Woman by Pierre Stine (Belgium)

Zero by Tim Hamilton (New Zealand)

Best Experimental Short

Infinity + 1 by Flo Demmer (Germany)

Sounds by Andrew Michael Frescas (USA)

The Masterpiece by Paul Myzia (USA)

Best Music Video

Lullaby for the Missing by Ashvin A Mathew (India)

Skin by Jesse Samos Leaman (Australia)

The Deadly Rhythm by Nils Nygårdh (Sweden)

Best Screendance Short

Occurrence by Jeon Sehoon (South Korea)

The Glimpse of Present Moment by Nataliya Tkachuk (Ukraine)

Yang by Jin Li and Jingyan Lin (China)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot

How Did We Get Here? by Matt Frierdich and J.N. Mackey (USA)

Spaghetti Face by Peter Raber (USA)

WIC 300 by Robert Moon (USA)

Best Director (Female)

Ekin Onat for Lost (Turkey)

Haohao Yan for 11.02.2020.MPLS.MN (USA)

Lauren Himmelvo for Fault Line (USA)

Best Director (Male)

Benjamin Knoebl for Impetus (Austria)

Tomas Simonsen for The Crossing (Norway)

Vince Williams for Prepare for Launch (USA)

Best Student Director (Female)

Aspa Siokou for The Song of the Whale (Greece)

Kay Niuyue Zhang for Mother in the Mist (USA)

Sophia Kindt for Cord of Three (Germany)

Best Student Director (Male)

Chengyang Xie for Like Cloud (China)

Cyril Nehmé for I Have Dreamed Carthage (France)

Yi Yang for Enclosed (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Alison Yardley for Bellyful (USA)

Shelley Delaney for Truck Fishing in America (USA)

Yuwei Du for Mountain (China)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Mario Theodosio Gallegos for Tecata (USA)

Patrick House for The Case (USA)

Wiggle Ng for Judas by the Sea (China)

Best Actress

Emily Bader for Trust (USA)

Riccarda Richter for Cord of Three (Germany)

Shen Shi Yu for Mother in the Mist (USA)

Best Actor

Markus Freistätter for Impetus (Austria)

Mehmet Esen for Lost (Turkey)

Stefan Rollins for Dream A Little Dream (USA)

Best Supporting Actress

Christin Sawyer Davis for Fault Line (USA)

Huaguo Wang for Mountain (China)

Talia Martin for Enclosed (USA)

Best Supporting Actor

Greg Kriek for Trust (USA)

Neal Adelman for Truck Fishing in America (USA)

Patrick Scott Lewis for Familial (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress

Isabel Himmelvo for Fault Line (USA)

Janelle Gallegos for Tecata (USA)

Kaya McLean for Bellyful (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor

Ashton Miramontes for Enclosed (USA)

Drew Hauge for Thomas (USA)

Quintus Lim for An Island Drifts (USA)

Best Acting Duo

Jake Sabinsky and Neal Adelman for Truck Fishing in America (USA)

Jiahao Fu and Shipeng Zhang for Like Cloud (China)

Sebastian Cybulski and Tomasz Sobczak for Demiurg (Poland)

Best Ensemble Cast

Jacob Young, Amanda Baker, McTyere Parker, and Ethan Pogue for Prepare for Launch (USA)

Markus Freistätter, Felix Stichmann, Johannes Seilern, Simone Fuith, Valentina Waldner, Uli Pleßmann, and Daniel Seniuk for Impetus (Austria)

Wiktor Simonsen, Lena Hope, Norah Rondestvedt, Harald Nikolaisen, Thor-Olav Andersen, and Joakim Arnøy for The Crossing (Norway)

Best Original Screenplay

Ekin Onat for Lost (Turkey)

Wayne Yu for Breathless (China)

Yuwei Du for Mountain (China)

Best Cinematography

Alex Fong for Judas by the Sea (China)

Sebastian Thaler for Impetus (Austria)

Steven Lundgren for Fog of War (USA)

Best Original Score

Christopher Farrell for The Crossing (Norway)

Francesco Mo for Ratavoloira (Italy)

Ronen Landa for Trust (USA)

All Nominated Films (A-O): 2022/2023 Annual Awards

All Nominated Films (P-Z): 2022/2023 Annual Awards

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