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As a 2021 recipient of the Sony Alpha Female+ Grant, actress and filmmaker Gabrielle Mariella was given 5 weeks to create a short film from start to finish. Using interviews from 5 groundbreaking women, ENOUGH seeks to amplify the voices of women on Broadway Creative Teams, highlight the need for more of them, and inspire young women to pursue a career in theatre as a creative. Though women shine on stage, behind the scenes of Broadway productions still lies a very stark gender imbalance. In the past two decades, the percentage of women on Broadway creative teams in almost every category remains under 30%. For some fields, like orchestration or sound design, in single digits. And for women of color? Often entirely invisible. ENOUGH serves as both a celebratory exploration of women behind Broadway and a call-to-action; how many is enough?

Directed by Gabrielle Mariella (USA)

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