Everybody's Got Something

Everybody’s Got Something

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Two years ago Jeannine McKean accidentally became world famous. A viral video of her trying to end her life by jumping off a whale watching boat with a kettle bell tied to her shoe and almost blowing up a whale in the process, became the most watched video on Facebook ever. She became so famous she couldn’t even go to the grocery store without getting recognized. So she decided to move into her mothers attic, become a shut-in, and hasn’t left since. Jeannine has been creating her side of the story through working on her own show. But today her mother is staging an intervention and live streaming Jeannine’s show without her knowledge. Millions of people watch as Jeannine grapples with sharing her work for the first time and working through her depression. Everyone has something unique that they are struggling with. For Jeannine, the struggles of depression, isolation, self worth, and what it means to be an artist are all explored in this film. And while everyone might not have depression, the inner battle we all face with ourselves, whatever it may be, is universal. Because I mean doesn’t everybody have something?

Directed by Julia Hamilton Ogilvie (USA)

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