Light on Water | 44.18217, -69.05075 | 8.16.2021

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Light on Water | 44.18217, -69.05075 | 8.16.2021

Following a series of abstract photos called Light on Water, I made this short film to bring together abstract moving images and music. This version of Light on Water is a capture of a moment and place in time, as I floated in my kayak in the Atlantic near Rockport, Maine.

For the soundtrack, inspired by Brian Eno’s work with tape loops, I created a system for generative music using a guitar and effects pedals. Once the system is set in motion, the notes repeat and evolve. The notes ebb and flow, cascading and oscillating. The music is ephemeral; the loops used to create it were erased after recording.

Directed by Dominic Cordisco (USA)

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