River City – Episode 01

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The story begins with the protagonist, Edwin, stumbling upon a strange cabin after his truck breaks down in a rural wooded area. Inside the cabin Edwin meets a peculiar old man known as Gatekeeper. He persuades Edwin to stay in the mystical town, River City. Edwin holes up in a rundown apartment building called The Basket Case Apartments, where he meets and befriends his new neighbor, Remus “the Blind”. After their introduction, Remus invites Edwin to the local pub, the Doc Haus, to loosen up after the long day. At the Doc Haus Remus introduces Edwin to a couple other locals, including the barkeep, Schmee. Their fun conversation is abruptly interrupted when the town bullies, the Front Street Elite, barge into the bar. Mase, the leader of the Front Street Elite, challenges the gang to a drink off. Remus accepts the challenge, and he ends up competing and losing against Mase. Before leaving, Mase threatens Edwin and the gang that soon they will all be under his control. The Front Street Elite take off into the night and leave Edwin and the gang feeling a bit defeated. Edwin convinces Remus and Schmee to turn the night around by attending the town hop which is where episode 2 “Down at The Hop” begins.

Directed by Jal Michael and RC Nelson (USA)

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