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Alex spends his days messaging Samantha, his match on a dating app that promises your soulmate after 6 months of exclusively communicating through the app. The rules of SoulMatch are simple; 6 months of just talking – no sharing addresses, no meeting up in person. Just getting to know someone and forming a genuine connection. Alex believes it, but when Samantha decides to break the rules one night and ask him to come over, the app censors her message, and she disappears. Alex tries to reach out, growing more and more desperate to hear from her, but he only finds radio silence. The day after his six month anniversary of matching with Samantha, he wakes up to find her profile is gone. She is gone.
Weeks go by and just as Alex is beginning to move on, he receives a strange message from the SoulMatch team, inviting him on a date – with Samantha. Alex arrives at the provided address and discovers its a house, with a family living inside, and a little boy who answers the door. Alex, sure he has the wrong address, starts to leave when he sees her. Samantha and Alex lock eyes for a moment, and then Samantha’s husband closes the door on him.

Directed by Katherine Myers (USA)

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