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XTC is a metaphorical representation of toxic temptation.
Similar to a drug, love can be beautiful but can also deliver us to our darkest lows. Both can make us addicted and transport us into a state where we are constantly searching for the next high. Emotional dependency to another person makes us forget our own limits. Sometimes it can be difficult to let go of a loved one, even if they are only causing you pain. Sometimes it is easier to keep holding on. With XTC, ONE:FIFTY narrates from their own past experiences with emotional dependency from people with mental illness. The goal is to communicate the importance of self-love. A feeling that will not allow you to disregard your personal limits nor to attach your sense of self-worth to another person.
ONE:FIFTY aims to create a community in which nobody feels left out or alone and where it is alright to speak about your struggles in life.

Directed by Sage Morei (Germany)

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