Pursuit of Heavens

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Eaten by time and bounded by space,
You can read from the lines on my face.
Was told of a place that awaited us all.
The world was a circle, and now it’s a ball.
And before all of that it was only a dot,
Raw material from which existence was wrought.

Pursuit of Heavens, is an interdimensional exploration that stems from the most dangerous question of them all: “Why?” You’re told to look up, but that is only relational. You go up far enough until there is no up anymore, only the infinite and ever-growing vacuum that houses all life. Where does ultimate reality reside? Is it folded somewhere inside? Are we already there and too close to see, and losing the forest for the trees? Join Tommy as he unravels the fabric of spacetime and travails to the very source of all of existence while the world melts around you.

Directed by Pak Hou Chau (Macao)

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