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“Aquatoria” is an abstract poetic video painting, experimental movie balancing on the verge of video art and cinema. Author’s reflection on the club movements of the 70-80-90s. All footage was shot at dawn and shown on three screens, accompanied by the original soundtrack without narration.

The main character is the Disco ball. The Сaptain shoots him with a bow, and accidentally falls into the dream of an Indian, a lighthouse keeper, who demonstrates to the Captain three women – present, past and future. Each of them escaped from a noisy party and welcomes a new day at the port.

The Disco ball collects all the characters into one story, drawing the viewer’s imagination into a trip, a dream, a state of fragile idyll, when the world comes to life. In this movie, it is not a person who looks at the sun, but the sun turns its gaze on it. Art is not a reflection of reality, but a reality of reflection. Everything is reflections!

The film could be shown on three screens by three FullHD projectors, or on the one screen by a 4K projector (in this case it will be a single-channel video file 5760×1080).

Directed by Anatoliy Gankevich (Ukraine)

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