What Happened to Stephanie?

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This video triptych tells the story of two women, Liz and Stephanie along with their male companions Zee and Hayden. The story takes place in lower Manhattan in the summer of the Occupy Wall Street. Starting with an introduction to all four characters at Happy Hour in “Oscillation Friday,” it then follows Stephanie and Hayden in “Baby C’Mon” which brings up questions about the joys and dangers of connecting with someone new at a club. It’s a juxtaposition of elation from love on the dance floor and violence in the face of rejection. In the final scene of “Seduction Trash,” the film explores the aftermath of sudden love, and the human tendency to reenact unresolved traumas.

The short film is dedicated to Bessel van der Kolk M.D. and survivors everywhere. Stay brave.

Directed by Ciro Ayala (USA)

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