The Mother Wound

The Mother Wound

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Short Film Synopsis:

A South Asian girl is about to leave for her prom when she unexpectedly clashes with her strict mother over her ‘inappropriate makeup’, which the mother impulsively ruins.

Medium Film Synopsis:

Soon to be a high school graduate, Jiyah, begins her day excited to attend prom. However, the process of getting ready becomes increasingly difficult as her mother, who does not approve of makeup, continuously enters the bedroom. Although her mother’s intention of entering is to give Jiyah a bracelet to wear for the night, Jiyah is not receptive of it, as her mother begins to dictate the amount of eyeshadow she can wear. While Jiyah is finishing getting ready, her mother faces scrutiny for wearing western clothing, by her own mother (Jiyah’s Nanni). As Jiyah’s mother frustratedly enters the room again, she, in the heat-of-the-moment projects her anger onto her daughter, ruining Jiyah’s makeup and dress. It is now up to Jiyah to decide whether she will make it to prom or succumb to her mother’s wounds, yet again.

Directed by Eesha Johal (Canada)

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