The Days of March

The Days of March

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“A young woman finds solace in the city emptied by the pandemic, but ends up facing unexpected repercussions of the situation.”

Early days of the coronavirus outbreak. Countries around the world are just starting to wake up to the situation. Nina, a young introvert looking to have a good time alone in the city, receives a voice message from her estranged mother. Stunned at first, she ignores the message and continues her evening. Next day, a friend informs her about the situation in Italy and she reluctantly listens to the message to see if her mother’s okay. She finds out that her mother has tested positive for the virus and is trapped in Italy, the epicenter of the outbreak. The message turns out to be pre-recorded, sent in case things start looking bad and she no longer can’t talk. Nina breaks down in tears and tries to call her, but it’s too late. The line has been disconnected.

Directed by Samuli Kuusisto (Finland)

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