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German Electronic producer Christian Löeffler’s latest single ‘Ballet’ off his album ‘Lys’ (Ki Records) is a hauntingly mysterious ambient electronic ballad. Over distant sparse spacious keys and chilling vocal chants that act as an ominous hymn thunderous kicks, disjointed clanks, and abstract percussion all kick start the dance of ‘Ballet’.

On A Whim Films, the San Francisco-based production company orchestrating the visuals specializing in short and feature films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials, crafts stunning scenes of solemn yet serene symmetry. Their filmmaking background breathes life into the already expansive soul of ‘Ballet’.

Each shot is a dance within itself, further expressing the nature and content of the song. The artistic spirit is felt from the color pallet of each frame in the music video to the literal dance of the actors, the placement and angle of each shot, the vacant negative space scenic spotlight is shown on each figure, and the abstract symbolism.

Directed by Asya Nikolaeva (USA)

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