Atomic: Ad Initivm

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Galicia, Spain-based American synth and electro artist Czarina (styled as Czarina on all platforms) unveils her latest high-octane gothic and sci-fi cyberpunk music film and single entitled Atomic: Ad Initivm. The hyper dynamic track is the first single from Czarina’s uncoming full length, “Arcana,” which is coming out later this year. Mixing influences from her own cultural roots with the dark biomechanical and cyberpunk realm of visual masters like H.R. Giger and Masamune Shirow, the new music film takes us through a portal to a neon noir world that is alien, organic and electric. Czarina sings and performs in various forms and stages of her own evolution. The track explores themes of trans-humanism and cybernetics combined with spiritual awakening in a dark dystopian future. She poignantly relates the human spirit to subatomic particles in nuclear fission at the core of the human body, defying space and time. Haunting gothic choir chants in Latin asking to liberate the spirit from the body and return back to its source, as pulsating electricity surges waves upon waves ominously in a neon-lit cyberpunk atmosphere, resulting in a new take on futurist dark electro that is both heavy-hitting yet ethereal. The music film was directed and fully produced by The Kitsunés – who is both Czarina and the visual artist DeadlyKawaii. The song was written, composed, arranged, produced and performed by Czarina with additional production, mixing and mastering by Von Hertzog of The Social Club.

Directed by Vero and Carlos Kitsune (Spain)

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