3Conversations in April

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When you’re trying to communicate with a loved one who doesn’t use words to communicate, who lives in a group home miles away, and who has been placed in isolation, diagnosed Covid positive, what do you say? What do you do? How do you feel? 3 Conversations in April is the filmmaker’s recordings of the first calls she’s ever made to her brother – an older man with autism – by phone. as she attempts to find ways to provide something familiar in her brother’s upended life.

Meanwhile, the viewer will watch as darker themes emerge — the series of illogical and unfeeling policy decisions made by a system that governs the care of those with intellectual disabilities, the worried lives of the staff who work in the homes. Through a steady interspersing of titles and reenactments, the film gradually reveals some unsettling realities. There are perhaps multiple reasons why you’ll see the filmmaker quietly pacing in her own self-isolating space.

3Conversations is an experimental short documentary.

Directed by Susan Hamovitch (USA)

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