Melania’s Divorce

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Since Trump’s presidency, I have been intrigued by the enigmatic figure of Melania Trump. I was curious about what she could do for her people from her new powerful position. So I began to imagine how the American First Lady would have been if she had become the voice of abused women, or if she had taken people with disabilities to heart or if she had faced world hunger. Just to list some of the main problems facing the modern world. During the drafting and preparation of the character, who organically flowed through improvisations in the acting school in Los Angeles and thanks to the feedback received from my colleagues, I realized that my urgency to play this mysterious character had aspects similar to my personal experience . The more I studied Melania, the more I found so much affinity and compassion for this woman that humanly and perhaps out of shyness, she remains in the shadow of a bulky husband. Maybe her husband’s narcissism reminded me of my father, maybe her inability to impose herself reminded me of my mother, maybe her son reminded me of my autistic brother.

Directed by Maxwell Bahamon (USA)

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