White Light

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A dance performance video titled “White Light” by Fusako Yamamoto, a “Hanamai” artist who dances in harmony with the movement of arranging flowers.

The theme of this work is the organic rice grown in the terraced rice fields in Ichikawa-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Terraced rice fields are based on an ancient farming method that grows rice by filling fields carved into hillsides with water. This farming method is full of the wisdom of Japanese people who are good at harmonizing with nature, and such terraced fields are also the original scenery of hometown for the Japanese.

Many Japanese eat rice every day. It can be said that the Japanese body is supported by rice, so rice is irreplaceable food for the Japanese.

In this performance, I danced with such irreplaceable rice and paddy, plants growing around terraced rice fields, and Zizania latifolia, which has been used for sacred ceremonies since ancient times. As dancing and arranging flowers, my thoughts went to the preciousness of nature and also to agriculture, which is an human activity from  ancient times.

I live in Tokyo, a big city full of buildings. However, both people living in cities and people living in farming villages surrounded by nature, both urban buildings and terraced rice fields where paddy grows, and of course nature in the forest exist equally under the same one sky – as always, and always will.

Directed by Fusako Yamamoto (Japan)

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