The Knight In The Panther’s Skin

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A scene from an unannounced indie game called “The Knight in the Panther’s skin”, based on Shota Rustaveli’s Georgian philosophical epic of the same name (12th c.)
One of the earliest examples of Renaissance thought, poem’s anthropocentric approach proposes the theories opposing the conventional truths of the existing tradition, glorifies love, gender equality etc.

The film depicts the act of coronation of Tinatin by her father, king Rostevan and is accompanied by 2 stanzas of a poem – King Rostevan’s speech at a council.

This plot is an allegoric reflection of real events that took place in 12th century, ”golden era” of Georgia, when Tamar the Great became one of the first female monarchs in Middle ages and reigned for almost 30 years.

Directed by Sandro Giorgadze (Georgia)

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