Out of Breath

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Those who are trapped in a relationship that destroys each other, and the struggle of one person to get away from it.

-A choreographic film with only music and dance without lines. The whole story is autobiographical.

-In the dark, the harsh breath of a woman fleeing in a hurry, and the footsteps of a man chasing her. The door closes with a bang and her appearance smeared with red paint, in the ‘Red Room’.

There are people covered in red paint trapped in white lines on the floor beyond the iron bars. They hover and exhibit abnormal behavior.

She looks around the room separated from reality, and runs away in a hurry with the sudden opening of the door behind her. She finds an elevator in the cold darkness and escapes from the ‘Red Room’ to face a strange world.

Directed by Sojeong Yoon and Yin Park (USA)

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