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Poolside accounts the haunting moments of a 1950’s high society woman struggling with keeping her sanity while isolated at her indoor pool. The idealistic background acts as a stark contrast to the dark concepts, swimming through this candid unraveling of a woman alone, trying to understand the voices she hears underwater. . Self-doubt, addiction, loss, and fear are just a few of the emotions she struggles with while coming to terms with her unimaginable situation.

Meg Stephens is a 1950’s high society housewife who put her dreams aside for her family but is left to fend for herself with the aid of alcohol, Librium and Valium, and her own mental stability in a massive modern home with a golf course view. While swimming in her upscale, indoor pool, she begins to hear voices.

She decides to find out why she hears voices. Even Emma, the cleaning lady, refused to continue her work there after her horrifying experiences while alone in the house. Jeff Murphy is ready to sell his house to a lovely couple, Austin and Sarah Peterson, and will not let stories of a woman dying years ago affect this transaction.

All of these stories come together through the clockwork automated home that acts as the backdrop to a classic story about space, time, and the spirits left to repeat their last moments.

Directed by Alex Kinter and Erik Schuessler (USA)

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