Clubs and Styx

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Tales to tell? The matter of fact ramblings of a deluded mind or subversive truths dancing from the loose tongue of an enigmatic gentleman whose stories of a debauched elite controlling our very lives seems to echo its way through the tobacco smoke of centuries? Filmed on location at the Denis Severs House in London’s Folegate Street, actor David Bailie plays a mysterious man. Alongside him, Delia Edwards, his house keeper, Poly, joins him in a home of faded elegance peppered with the intrigue and memories of copulating aristocrats, politicians and spies whose corrupt antics our story explores as though the viewer is with him, drinking hot chocolate and eating Poly’s biscuits as the fire pops in anticipation of each uttered morsel of erotic mischief. An historical drama exploring the extraordinary lives of the Bonnie Prince, Sir Francis Dashwood and his fellow Hellfire Club members whose blasphemy laden coven colluded to cause as much mayhem as possible during a time of famine and starvation amongst the greater population. Carving out deals for their own gain whilst hiding away in gated homes dripping with the privilege their class had so cleverly teased from the public purse. David Bailie tells the story in such a way that you can almost smell the pipe smoke. In the style of fireside story telling, Clubs & Styx endeavours to explore the the stories that shaped the world in which we live today.

Directed by Andrew Blackall (UK)

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