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Yerevan – capital city of Armenia – is celebrating its 2800th anniversary. Embedded deep within the city’s old cultural heritage, is the Tuff stone. Throughout the millennia, this volcanic rock has been used in cyclopean architecture, as well as in the art of Khachkar or, cross-stone carving. It seems to reflect the Armenian Spirit: unwavering and unchanging. Yet, Armenia recently underwent its most radical change of government since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, in the wake of this Velvet Revolution, Yerevan is at a crossroads. Its citizens strive to find their way in a city that has recently become bustling and eager. They must face the consequences of political change, or lack thereof, and find a balance between preservation and reconstruction in historical neighborhoods. Here, they offer their perspective on what it means to be Armenian, on urbanism, on life conditions in a post-Soviet, post-Revolution era.

Directed by Victou Pinault and Pablo García (Armenia)

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