Thepar Kandi

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Thepar Kandi is a modern day take reminiscent of films made in the silent era. The script for the story was written and directed by Tom Burden with music composed by Flyoutcricket in 2005. The Protagonist Archimedes Pendragon is self guided through his perceived reality as he explores the world presented before him.

Thepar Kandi was recorded in 2005 on a mini DV tape in 720 x 480i @ 30fps. The project was archived to a date where it could be presented in higher quality. In 2020 Using Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI software Thepar Kandi was upscaled from 720 x 480i 30fps to 3840 x 2160p (4k) @ 24 fps after a double frame rate deinterlace at 60fps. It is presented in a 16×9 aspect ratio unlike the 4×3 films of the silent era for a more immersive experience.

Along with the technical makeover of the film a cosmetic makeover was also given. The film was re-color graded and art (intertitles) were improved throughout the film.

The final product was finished on October 28, 2020

Directed by Tom Burden (USA)

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