Guess Who: Divorce with a Smile

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Guess Who:
PTS’s Guess Who is a factual based Documentary program. In each episode, we visit a different family that invites its dream guest to drop by for dinner. Also, Through filming “Guess Who”, families re-visit and re-organize their life history, and perhaps gain a deeper understanding or experience self- healing during the filming process.

Divorce with a Smile:
We’ve all seen how divorce can spiral into an ugly slugfest, so the thought of calmly and amicably parting ways and remaining best of friends may seem inconceivable to many. But that’s exactly what Wang Shu-fen and Li Mao-lin did on their 22nd wedding anniversary. In this episode, we discover why Shu-fen feels true love is only possible through freedom; how the pain of parting has made Mao-lin a better man and brought the family closer together; and why sometimes it’s only through letting the past die that love can blossom.

Directed by Wen-hung Li (Taiwan)

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