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This movie represents a plethora of issues and ideas I
have about technology, some of which are more accessible than others. It is about identity, space, and media consumption. It grapples with the space of the internet. It deals with the phenomena of digital identities and in the process mauls over the relationship between older forms of technology and newer ones. The piece is deeply personal; the body of animated images come from my own engagement with the internet and parts of the physical set I built is made up of my own pieces of broken technology. This movie is seriously playful. Humor is used as a form of wit. Suspense outweighs the necessity of a formal narrative structure. A basic plot summary might be as follows: A character is identified solely by their use of social media before being transported to a cyber junkyard where they meet their doom from a power plug. The ideas in the piece are up for interpretation; as long as you aren’t bored I have succeeded. I hope that this piece is not overly complicated and that a child could pick up on various aspects of the film.

Directed by Ewan Creed (USA)

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