Secrets, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film

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Based on Secrets, Diary of a Gutsy Tween, this 10 minute film takes the audience on the complicated roller coaster ride of being 13. The ‘girl’ hates her parents, falls in love, has puberty and body concerns, realizes that secrets matter and finds herself in a miserable accidental situation. But all ends on an upbeat note with the girl realizing she is most in touch with happiness and a sense of joy when she is being true to herself. This is a Selfie Film which means the star, Megan Brown, used her iPhone to video herself in many of the scenes. Is the ‘girl’ in the film using her phone as a diary or sharing her life with someone else? That is a question open for discussion, as are many of the topics brought up in the film.
As a positive psychologist and a filmmaker, Dr. Holstein is convinced that the Selfie technology will bring artistic and important developmental psychology concepts to the big screen, the classroom, guidance offices, etc.

Directed by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein (USA)

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