Caring for your Carcass

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“Caring for your carcass” is made up of short performances, the result of creative explorations, grouped into sections like the chapters of a poetic collection. This dark montage is made up of elements related to death, injury, decomposition like rituals of mourning and desolation, but is also crossed by the tenderness of gentle gestures, a healing and soothing red.

The staging of this video was made both in a closed studio where I can create fictional universes and outdoors, using natural elements. The whole develops symbolic spaces that are both cruel and sensitive. I like video art because it allows me to integrate into the same whole my practice as an interdisciplinary artist for years, as was the case with “Caring for your carcass”. In addition to gathering the required items (dead birds, seal rotting, crustacean caption, strange object crafted), I realized myself all the components of this video, including the audio.

Directed by Johanne Chagnon (Canada)

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