I Sogni Sospesi – Unfinished Dreams

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Marlène is a beautiful and restless French artist who expresses her creative talent by painting, with her naked body, a white canvas hanging in a cottage. The girl fled her country of origin together with her sister Sophie, who always tries to be close to her and supports her day after day. Their past is marked by a terrible secret … An event that happened long before that deeply marked them, forcing them to flee to Italy.
The two sisters hide in a mill in the middle of the countryside, eat what they find, wash themselves in the river. For the “trauma” suffered – linked to the “secret” that the two sisters hide. Marlène also suffers from panic attacks. One morning, fragments of memory resurface in Marlène’s mind. While the young woman paints her canvas with her body, the truth comes to light: Marlène was the victim of brutal physical violence from her greatest love and managed to save herself only thanks to the help of Sophie, who hit the man behind. Despite escaping, however, Marlène began to feel ill, the “darkness reached her” … and attempted suicide in the waters of a river. Again, Sophie’s help and support was essential to “start living again”. Yet, the past does not seem to want to leave her alone and returns to look for her … A dark male presence begins to stalk the two sisters … Until, the “presence” enters the mill and attacks Marlène again, trying to rape her … But this once he will not get away with it … this time the man will pay for all the evil he has done In the end, in the same river in which she tried to take her life, Marlène dives into the water to purify herself and to find herself his life, because “everything will continue to flow, like the water of the river”.

Directed by Manuela Tempesta (Italy)

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