Tapis Roulant

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“Tapis Roulant” is a mixed media dance film conceived, directed, and shot in social isolation by artist Kat Sullivan and American Ballet Theatre Principal Dancer Cassandra Trenary. The film starts in a dystopic digital world where we see a conveyor belt processing endless women with perfect smiles plastered on their face and synchronously performing pageantry gestures. A single avatar is able to break free of the near trance-like state of this world’s other inhabitants and explores a strange portal. Upon entering the portal, we are shifted to the ‘real’ world while our protagonist realizes that while the forced smile and saturated pink aesthetic is gone, not everything was left behind. Our protagonist must face herself and her own doubts that have been imprinted upon her by other people’s opinions. She then returns to her dystopian universe but with the conviction that she can dedicate her own path in life.

Directed by Kat Sullivan and Cassandra Trenary (USA)

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