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Meet Dana Leichenberg, the best realtor in Flourtown Pennsylvania. The perfectionist older sister with the highest form of narcissistic personality disorder. Her conversations are competitions. Her biggest downfall? Her highly-disruptive-socially-awkward sister, Mavis.

Meet Mavis Leichenberg, the messy, gritty, thicker younger sister with anger issues. She is mind controlled by her older sister and works as a waitress at the Trolley Car Diner. Her world is pink and glittery, but disturbing and disgusting underneath. Dry shampoo & PopTarts are her daily essentials.

When Dana discovers her sister’s former crush Steve, is hanging out with her ex-bff Meghan, she makes the ultimate mistake.

While Mavis obsessively attempts to contact Steve, she stops at hardware store on her way to work to buy a saw for her sister with a fresh fifty-dollar bill from a big tipping customer from her shift the night before.

As Dana offers sell the crime scene this new client (and big tipper) her sister recommended, she gets interrupted by Meghan who is suddenly back in Pennsylvania.

All air is finally cleared when Dana finally gets in touch with Steve at his open house listing. He assures her Meghan contacted him to help sell her parents old house.

This leaves Dana in a blur of memory, Mavis with an assisted felony, and the “big-tipper” who just bought the crime scene? Well unbeknownst to the sisters is a private investigator.

Directed by Sophia Paulmier (USA)

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