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This is a Story of Dev Parmar age 32 who works in a call centre of a corporate company in the night time and follows his passion of writing in his spare time. his monotonous life changes when Sweety age 24 comes to stay with him on the recommendation of their common friend Sahil Anand. Sweety’s touch in the house brings fragrance in Dev’s life at home. The only difference is that they never get to meet each other at home as Dev works in the night and Sweety leaves for the city in the day time. what had started as an instruction note on the fridge for Sweety when she arrived the first time became the decor for their communication which they prefered more than calling or texting each other.
Finally Dev’s patience runs out and he decides to meet this mystery lady who is staying with him since couple of days in a close by local cafe.
The next day he reaches the cafe and waits for her.. The hands of time tests his patience and after an hour and a half he decides to leave the cafe dejected. On reaching home he sees a note stating that She had some urgent work and had to leave the house. Dev mood changes as he has nothing else to invite in his life except his solitude and monotonous life.
Does he ever get to meet Sweety ? or does it remain as a bitter sweet memory of the writer Dev’s imagination of his love stories embedded in his heart which he brings in his writings as.. foot notes.

Directed by Monjoy Mukerji (USA)

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