Crane Wife

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I was invited to participate in a week-long residency testing the limits of what it means to produce a cohesive work from start to finish in a compressed time frame brought to you by Kasia Skorynkiewicz hosted by Gardenship Art: Kearny Point, NJ.

Inspired by the old Japanese Folktale, Crane Wife takes the form of Earth Mother, continually giving of herself as the human mark continues to take, hearts full of greed. Within the video, shadows and films appear overlaid that are handmade originals constructed out of clear film acetate and double-sided tape that alternate between shadows and collage on single frames; and double frames of direct animation involving etchings, painting with menstruation blood, insect wings, dead skin, onion skin, human hair, and cut brillo pad composing flickering patterns to create an ephemeral textural experience. Crane Wife is a narrative tapping into the environmental art movement, emerging in the 1960s and early 1970s and primarily celebrates the artist’s connection with nature and explores humans’ relation to nature. Within this body of work, we are presented with notions of sustainability and vulnerability reminding us humans how easy it is to destroy our environment and our planet.

Directed by Lauren Vroegindewey (USA)

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