Achromatic, Stream of Consciousness

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“Achromatic, Stream of Consciousness” is a 16mm collage film mixed with digital footage shot in Scotland, Spain, and NY/NJ, USA. The films are handmade originals constructed out of clear film acetate and double-sided tape that alternate between sewing stitches and collage on single frames; and double frames of direct animation involving drawings and etchings, dead flowers, dead skin, onion skin, insect wings, human hair, feathers, and cut brillo pad. Projected continuously, these flickering patterns appear overlaid and create an ephemeral textural experience. The montage is a personal landscape based on a stream of consciousness writing comparing lead white to our society’s centuries-old power structure that contemplates the unabated supremacy of white men. Achromatic is a personal response to effects this has on women.

Directed by Lauren Vroegindewey (USA)

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