The Treachery of Love

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Having always craved more from the artistic and conceptual angles of erotic filmmaking, I knew that I wanted to break the mold and make an experimental piece that lives without a classic storytelling arc. An art film that just exists and breathes and whispers to your libido.

Inspired by Magritte’s “The Treachery of Images”, I non-verbally argue that the one-sided representation of sex in media, whether through sensationalized click bait disguised as journalism or the male-dominated pornographic vision, strips sex to an act that nullifies its complexities and emotions. Created with absolutely no budget, this piece proves that there is a place for sex in art.

Even more honestly, the film was made as catharsis as I explore my own status as a 37-year old single woman that produces ‘love’ in my life that never manifests.

I’m hoping viewers will approach this film as if they were at a museum stopping briefly to take the invitation to ponder themes of autonomous love, voyeurism and the definition of porn itself.

Directed by June Ann D’Angelo (USA)

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