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Breath is a short story, which talks about the current difficulties of artists and their need to be seen, heard and felt in this space, where stress and fear are threatening every being.
In this short story we understand that the theaters are empty and reveal a soulless beauty, in the absence of that beauty, which is given only by the interest and applause of the spectators. Dancing and music are intertwined, as she is walking the empty streets of New York. The fusion of the human body with the cello, when the body speaks through the fusion with that melody, reminds us of the need we have for beauty and that at this time is being denied to us. The hand placed in the mouth, we do not know if it is a mask to protect us from the virus, or something, which prevents us from expressing our human feelings as artists in the most varied forms. This piece is a hymn to the importance of the Arts in times of turmoil, with the main feature of the insecurity we are going through now.

Directed by Oriada Islami (USA)

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