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A sponsored project of Film Independent, “speaking.” is a 20-minute absurdist comedy film satirizing the male-centric, self-absorbed epic cinema of the past.

Our story begins tens of thousands of years ago, in a time before civilization, society, and even spoken language. Those grand old days when poop was acceptable to carry by hand, and a good rock would go a long way. Giant beasts roam the land. Wild storms rain down destruction.

It is a time of momentous change…

We meet a beleaguered tribe of cavepeople on the heels of disaster. Bloodied and beaten. They are the last of their kind. They are a simple, deeply stupid people. They cannot speak. They struggle through the elements in search of shelter. Of food. Of fire. Of anything to keep them going just a little while longer.

A Brute Male is their de facto leader. An oafish half-wit, as violent as he is proud. In his entourage are: a deeply spiritual Elder Woman; a boy with a badly injured leg; and our hero — Her.

Shunned by her tribe for her strange demeanor, SHE desires nothing more than the approval of her peers — especially the fiery Brute Male. But a new awareness is building inside Her, and the others may not be ready for it…

Hunger. Fire. Beasts. And Poop.

She will overcome all of these, because She will learn to speak.

Directed by Nich Esposito (USA)

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