Salmon Run

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There are two friends named Paislee and Aviana having a conversation on the plain of existence between death and the afterlife. There is a tremendous amount physical, mental and spiritual pain for both characters.

Paislee is the character that has died and is going towards the afterlife which is pain-free.

Aviana wishes she could see her one more time. Her wish has been granted (who gave the wish to her is irrelevant – what is relevant is the depth of their relationship). Now there is a trade-off for this moment. Paislee has to experience the pain of her death again before she can go to the afterlife.

Paislee does not know anything that is going on as she has transitioned over. However; Aviana knows exactly what is going on.

It is beautiful they get to be together one more time. However; is it selfish of Aviana? Or is it not?

Directed by Dane Parsons (Australia)

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