Back in Business

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Back in Business

We meet an elderly couple, SIDNEY and SADIE at their lawyer’s office – It’s clear who’s in charge,
and it’s not Sidney. After a while of going through paperwork, Sadie reveals that she as purchased property in Key West, FL with the intentions of starting their own bed and breakfast. At first, Sidney is totally against the idea, but eventually, he gives in.
After arriving in Florida, Sadie gets to work immediately. We meet ANGELA, the lesbian, live-in chef at the new bed and breakfast, and her teenage daughter, JASMINE. Just as they are discussing renovations, a young man wanders up to the house looking for work. His name is Danny. Sidney doesn’t trust him, but Sadie decides to hire Danny anyway.
Suddenly a young woman strolls up to the house, and says she’s looking for Danny. This is Mary Lou “LOUIE” Gould, Danny’s girlfriend. Once again, Sidney is thrown off, but decides to go along with Sadie’s instincts and Louie becomes an employee of the bed and breakfast as well.
Not everyone is as happy about the new bed and breakfast as the rest of the gang, however, especially their new neighbor, FOWLER. After a verbal argument with Sidney and Sadie through their shared fence, Fowler decides to take matters into his own hands, and calls the city’s code enforcement officer on Sidney and Sadie for doing construction work on the bed and breakfast without a permit. An officer stops by, but eventually determines that there is no cause for alarm and leaves the group to get back to their renovations. Fowler is disappointed that is antics to get
the bed and breakfast shut down didn’t work, but the rest of the gang gets back to work preparing the bed and breakfast for its official opening.
Suddenly, a new visitor arrives. ELVIRA, the drag queen, shows up to the bed and breakfast, hoping
to get a room before an impending hurricane arrives. Sadie is hesitant at first, since they aren’t ready for guests yet, but eventually she decides to let Elvira stay. The
hurricane does arrive, and the group hunkers down. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door, revealing none other than Fowler standing there with an extension cord and hoping to plug into their generator.

Written by Jim Norman (USA)

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